Monday Etsy Love

Handbags! Who doesn't love a gorgeous bag to carry around? I know I do. I also love to fill them with tons of stuff. Have a peek at these lovlies!

What do you think of these handbags? Where did you get yours?


Sneak a Peek!

As promised, here is a sneak peek at some of the new circle scarves I whipped up for my shop.

Black, Red and extra tall. [UofL colors: GO CARDS!]

aqua & cream [colors of the beach. so pretty]

cocoa & cream [reminds me of hot chocolate with marshmallows]

I love the alternating waves of colors. I usually don't do that much color work, so this is a nice change of pace for me. I'm not a fan of sewing in so many ends, but it was definitely worth it. I really love how these have turned out.

Currently I am still in vacation mode in the shop, mostly due to some shenanigans that happened with my bank account. So it will take me some time to figure it all out. Hopefully I will have the shop up and running before it gets warm. However, my shop is going to take a seat on the back burner for a little bit because I would really like to focus on my blog for awhile. I love writing and this blog has the potential to be such a creative outlet for me. Plus, I have been really getting frustrated with the details of my shop and not being able to just crochet things for fun. Taking some time away will do wonders for my creative "juices" and also will reduce my stress level significantly.

I've got some great stuff in the works for the blog and I've got plans to go thrifting regularly, so expect haul posts and MAYBE I will do some outfit posts. I usually feel pretty silly taking photos of myself, but it sounds kinda fun. I also love thrifting. A lot.

I hope you guys are enjoying your week so far! Maybe one day the weekends will last longer.


Monday Etsy Love

Weekends are just too short. Get rid of the Monday blues by checking out these gorgeous handmade goodies!

Isn't she just precious?? I LOVE this hood. It is such an awesome idea. 

This necklace is just adorable and I am going to buy it. I seriously love it.
Check out this Sterling Silver Cloud Necklace by lunahoo on Etsy!

I'm usually not a huge fan of raw gemstones, but this citrine is gorgeous and happens to be the perfect shade of my favorite color!
Check out the Raw Citrine Ring by mooreaseal on Etsy!

Wooden jewelry is amazing. This ring is no exception. The center line of shimmery sand makes it perfect.

I am in love with these glasses. I have been pining away for these wood veneer sunglasses forever now! Eventually I will splurge and buy me a pair. The heart frames are just dreamy!
Check out these Striped Lolitas by tumbleweedshandcraft on Etsy!

Don't you just love shopping on Etsy? There are some incredibly talented crafters out there! I could sit and browse Etsy for days and days. What are some of your favorites that you've found? I'd love to see them!


The view from up here...

Living on top of a large hill has a few perks and some things that are not so great. 

For instance, driving up said hill when it is covered in ice, or the fact that our "breezeway" [where our front doors are located] is more like a high speed wind tunnel that catches all the wind and forces it to jet through, sending rugs, papers, packages, everything out into the wind.

The biggest perk is the view. It is totally spectacular. Its amazing how far you can see from here. Its also pretty funny that we can see our hill from pretty much anywhere in the area.