Photo Recap:This week

Pretty sunset

Maci & Xerxes

Finished Cowl for Husband

New Cowl in progress

Red Velvet Cake! It smells so good. I want to eat it.

Not Pictured: The zillion projects that I have started this week and not finished. >.>

I'm hoping that everyone is enjoying their weekend!


New Cowls!

I've recently been loving the idea of making a ton of cowls for my etsy shop. So, I've been playing around trying to come up with some new patterns and came up with a couple of cute things.

I had originally planned to make this a convertible cowl. One that had a drawstring at the top and turned into a hat, but the yarn I used was just way too thick for that. It ended up looking kinda silly as a hat, but I really love it as a cowl. This pattern is really easy, so I definitely will be making it a staple in my shop.

This cowl is really awesome. I think it looks a bit more masculine, so I think I'm going to gift it to my husband instead of selling it. I really, really love this yarn. This was my first time using it and I have fallen in love. I think the little bits of tweed are just gorgeous and really make everything look more interesting.


How I spent my Saturday

After a crazy busy week, I got a little bit of a break and decided to pick up some yarn and spend some quality time crocheting. 

After polishing up my shell skills, I decided to get to work on an infinity scarf that I've been thinking about and doodling for a couple of weeks now. So far, I am really loving the way it looks. I haven't completely decided on the total length or if I'm going to twist it before sewing it together, but I'm just letting it flow today.

Shell Stitching

I absolutely love the look of crochet shell stitches. It looks really fancy and has a wonderful texture, but it is also pretty simple to do.

I really appreciate Theresa from Crochet Geek. Her YouTube videos are the best. She really helped me to polish up my crocheting techniques and I still refer back to her videos when I am looking for some fresh stitching ideas.

Check out her instructional video on shell stitches. It's so easy to follow along!

You can also see written instructions on her blog here.


Projects in Progress

Here's a little sneak peak at some projects we have been working on.

This is going to be a pair of cotton armwarmers that will lace up, similar to the dance socks I posted about here. I think they will be super cute!

This is a headband/earwarmer made of 80% Peruvian Highland Wool and 20% Donegal Tweed. The yarn is absolutely gorgeous and soft. I love the way it looks with the buttons! The best part is that it will fit any size head, as you can just button it anywhere it feels comfortable for you.

[in progress. i just love the flecks of tweed!]

These items will be available in the shop some time next week.


new stuff and whatnot

We've been hard at work sketching out new ideas, writing out patterns, throwing out bad ideas and taking photos of our own feet!

Finally we have a couple of new things in our shop.

First, here is a photo of our lace up toeless socks. Check out the listing here!

I really love these. I think they are just so adorable and just a little bit sexy, too!

These are the button up toeless socks. Check out the listing here!

I especially love these because you can button them anywhere to have a snuggly fit. They are really warm and both pairs are machine washable!

We are still working on more designs of toeless socks [because I am obsessed with them now!] and we're also working on adding a variety of items like boot cuffs, arm warmers, leg warmers, scarves, hats and electronic cozies. Plus, we will be posting photos of our items in progress so you can see our items come together!