new stuff and whatnot

We've been hard at work sketching out new ideas, writing out patterns, throwing out bad ideas and taking photos of our own feet!

Finally we have a couple of new things in our shop.

First, here is a photo of our lace up toeless socks. Check out the listing here!

I really love these. I think they are just so adorable and just a little bit sexy, too!

These are the button up toeless socks. Check out the listing here!

I especially love these because you can button them anywhere to have a snuggly fit. They are really warm and both pairs are machine washable!

We are still working on more designs of toeless socks [because I am obsessed with them now!] and we're also working on adding a variety of items like boot cuffs, arm warmers, leg warmers, scarves, hats and electronic cozies. Plus, we will be posting photos of our items in progress so you can see our items come together!

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