Knit, Purl, Knit, Purl

Today I had a little bit of time to sit and try to figure out how to knit. I kind of could grasp the basics, but my recent purchase of the Knitting & Crochet Bible on my tablet really helped me have a break through. I had no idea there was a "continental" way of knitting. That made SO much sense to me because I was really getting frustrated with simply holding the needles and yarn.

My practice swatch:

I started out just getting the hang of the basic knit stitch, but then I got brave and decided to alternate my knit & purl rows! Purling was kind of  hard at first, but once I could wrap my head around what the yarn was actually doing, it just clicked. I am definitely very sloppy, as you can see. I need more practice!

Maybe I will attempt my first knit project soon! This cooler weather sure is welcome and has me really wanting to make sweaters. I am no where near that skill level yet, but I'll be excited to try sometime soon.

Currently I am up to my eyeballs in photos to edit and listings to publish on Etsy, so I should probably get to work. 

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