autumn sets in- a hike part 1

Since the weather is so gorgeous today, the husband suggested that we should check out a local park that we had never been to. At first, I didn't want to because I have crocheting I would like to do, but he eventually convinced me to go. We really weren't prepared for a 2+ mile hike, but we did it anyway and it was beautiful. You can check out our path on the map below. Hubby brought along his tablet and let an app use GPS to map out where we were going, our altitude and speed. It was pretty cool to see all that info.

View 10/13/2012 Tom Wallace in a larger map

The best part: PHOTOS!

We climbed on top of hills and in low valleys. The sound of the wind blowing in the trees was incredible. Long spontaneous hikes highly recommended. More photos later. 

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