How-to: Slip Stitch

Difficulty: Beginner

The Slip Stitch is used quite frequently because it is the most effective way to join work together, carry yarn to a different area, fasten stitches and reinforce edges without adding any height to your project. Its very simple and fast to do.

What you will need: Any type of yarn and hook will work for this practice.

Instructions: Start by chaining about 12 stitches. 

Put your hook through the 2nd chain from your hook.

Wrap your yarn over the hook.

Pull the yarn through the chain loop and the loop on your hook.

As you can see, a Slip Stitch gives the illusion of skipping stitches without adding any height. This comes in handy throughout a variety of projects and is definitely worth using. 


  1. You need to do videos lol. I am so confused. I got red yarn and I think I should have got light blue or something so I could see the chain better. And for some reason my chain looks twisted

  2. How wonderful to share this information with your readers. Thanks for following my blog. I've just subscribed to you via email. Have a great day! -Cami

  3. Sorry I haven't added much here yet! I've been busy with some orders the last few days. I plan on starting to do videos in September.

    When I first started learning, chaining was the worst part for me, for some reason. I will work on clarifying these articles over the next week & hopefully make it more clear. Thanks for following!!