Pattern: Knotted Crochet Headband

What you need:

  • Bulky Yarn
  • Size K crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle

What to do:

Decide how wide you want your headband to be. You can make yours thinner or wider than mine, just add or subtract foundation chains.

Chain 8. 
Row 1: Starting in the 2nd chain from the hook, Half Double Crochet in all 7 stitches. 
Row 2: Chain 1 and turn. HDC in all 7 stitches.
Row 3-Row 20: Repeat Row 2.

Take your flat headband and tie a loose knot in the middle. Test to see how it looks on your head, making sure the knot is not too tight.

Continue to crochet, repeating row 2 until the length of the headband can wrap around your head comfortably.

Connect the opposite ends with a slip stitch or sew closed with a tapestry needle.

Sew in your ends.

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